Bible Study

Big changes happen in small groups. Let's talk.

A small group + individual experience.

Welcome to this small group experience called Bible Study — a 6 to 12 week in-depth study about the Bible.   Each study focuses on a book or topic with the goal of connecting more deeply with God, and making the relationship that you have with him a part of your everyday routine.

Each week, the group will meet for approximately 45 minutes.   You’ll read some scripture, ask questions and have good conversations.

Bible Study isn’t an all-church experience—so the morning sermon isn’t going to line up with it—but interestingly enough, many times, God speaks to both the group leader and pastor in such a way that the same scripture references are used.

The Story

The Story of Scripture

October 8 - December 17

When it comes to knowledge of the Bible, many people know bits and pieces, favorite stories and characters, but they don’t know the story that is really one story in Scripture. Robbie Castleman will help you put the story of God and his people together so that you’ll know how all the parts and people fit, and the stories within the story will make more sense. To study the story of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation in twelve studies is an adventure that will simply make you want to take the trip again.

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