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Acts The Church In Action

Acts – The Church In Action

FEBRUARY 18th — MARCH 18th

The idea of “church” can be pretty confusing. There are a lot of churches and they are all different. If we really want to see what a church is supposed be like, we need to go back in time and take a look at the first church. One of the keys to its success is found in the name of the book in the bible that describes what this church was like…”The Book of ACTS”. In this series we will be exploring the “acts” that these early believers participated in and be reminded that true Christianity is not about just coming and hearing. Real Christianity should involve ACTION!

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Community Couch
Wheat Field with Sunset
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what to expect

Acceptance.  If you have to put on a false face to go to church, then you aren’t really helping yourself or anyone else.  We’re real people, and we have the same issues in our lives that you have in yours.



We enjoy spending time together and would love to get to know you.   Come early, grab a donut and let’s get acquainted.



We love to sing to Jesus.   Some weeks it’s the latest christian artists.   Other weeks, hymns. What is important is the songs we sing have meaning and stir our passions for Christ.



We approach the bible as a conversation.   Our pastor likes to engage the audience by using humor and relevant topics to make biblical teachings relatable and show how they apply to our everyday lives.

where to find us

Anywhere.  Community Baptist happens both in our Harrison Ohio facility and in your own home.

Sunday 10:30 am

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We want you to be able to experience God wherever you are.  Every Sunday, we do that physically and spiritually.


Worship 10:30 AM ET

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If you need anything, just ask.  Prayer request?  Question you need answered?  We’re here for you.  Just ask.

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